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?What is a grinding machine

💫Grinding Machine is a type of machine tool that facilitates grinding by creating a correct connection between the work piece and the tool. In this process, the workpiece can be cylindrical, multifaceted, stepped, conical, etc., each of which requires a special grinding machine.

💫Also, production volume, desired accuracy, whether the grinding surface is external or internal, the material of the work piece, etc. are factors that affect the design of these devices, therefore, various grinding machines have been designed and supplied to meet all kinds of industrial needs. .


types of grinding machines

🔸🔹Grinding machines are divided into four categories: cylindrical with a bird, cylindrical without a bird, flat surface (grinding flat surfaces) and inside surface (grinding internal surfaces).

🔸🔹Grinding machines are divided into five categories: flat stone machines, cylindrical stone machines, centerless (or without bird), internal and special stone machines.

🔸🔹 The fifth category (special stone) includes machines that are exclusively used to make special products and are optimized to have special functions, for example, grinding machines for cams, screws, gears, etc.

 Centerless stone machine

🔻 This category of grinding, grinding and special machines are among the machines that are generally used in serial production or mass production, and its most important features are that the work piece is held between a roller and a sanding stone without the need for a bird. and there is no need to grind the bird, and long cylindrical pieces can be ground with this method.



Centerless stone services and production of elevator shafts

Grinding is a chip removal process that removes extra material from the part by abrasion. Each abrasive grain on the surface deforms a small part of the workpiece. Grinding is usually the final stage of work on the piece, after which the quality of the work surface is increased and in fact it is a kind of finishing on centerless grinding surfaces.

Centerless machines were invented and marketed in the early 1900s. With the creation of these machines, it became possible to grind cylindrical parts and other rotating forms without placing them between two birds or on three systems or any other similar fixture. Also, with the use of centerless machines, it is possible to grind narrow and very long pieces, which were not possible before.

Centerless stone machines are precision tool machines that are specially designed for the mass production of precise parts with different forms. The use of advanced sharpening equipment (diamond base), automatic work piece transfer systems and automatic dimensional control equipment. , has turned the centerless stone machines into precise and valuable grinding machines

Advantages of centerless grinding

 With the emergence of the centerless stone machine, it became possible in the industry to stone the circular parts with relatively complex forms, which were difficult to stone by other methods, quickly and very accurately. The use of centerless stone machines has the following advantages. The grinding operation of parts with these machines is a continuous production operation. Because the time for placing and adjusting the work piece in the grinding position is much shorter compared to grinding machines.

Due to the fact that the pressure caused by grinding keeps the work piece firmly in its position, more loads can be applied to the work piece during grinding


In these machines, no force is applied to the two ends of the workpiece, and for this reason, with centerless machines, very long, fragile parts and parts that are easily deformed can be stoned

Because the workpiece is floating in the grinding position, the entire surface of the workpiece can be grinded with a minimum of filing. Due to the smaller amount of shavings, the life of the sanding stone will be longer

Due to the smaller amount of shavings, the life of the sanding stone will be longer

 By using the automatic workpiece cutting equipment, a large number of small parts can be stoned quickly and automatically

The maintenance and repair costs of centerless machines are low, because the friction levels in these machines are low and the automatic lubrication system lubricates all the important parts of the machine



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